What work won't (soon) disappear

Rev. 9.23.2017

Intellect/ Embrace of Formal Education

Category of “hard to outsource” jobs(1)

Can’t be done over wire

(physical product)

Personal Service

(hands on, face-to-face)

Hard to turn into an algorithm

High (PhD)

  • Veterinarian

  • Engineer - mechanical, civil, structural -- especially when working with physical constraints

  • Classroom professor

  • Doctor, psychologist who touches, observes patient

  • High level software development

  • Professor/ Thinker/ original writer

  • Scientist - at very high level/ creative

  • Analyst - at very high level/ creative (finance, economic, policy, social sciences, etc.)

  • Diplomats (corp, government, conflict resolution)

  • Business leader (Senior management)

Mid (BA/BS)

  • General contractor/ builder

  • Property manager (who visits property)

  • Quality Control Engineer

  • Custom space designer (interior decorator, landscape designer)

  • Nurse, home/elderly health care worker

  • Passenger airplane pilots

  • Manager of labor intensive business (farm, construction, food)

  • Physical therapist

  • Religious/ spiritual leader

  • Teacher pre-K - 12th

  • Creative (Complex)- original (film, theater, music, physical art)(2)

Low (Certificate)

  • Trades (elec, plumbing, landscaping, maintenance, etc.)

  • Soldier (on the ground)

  • Animal, pet care

  • Heavy equipment operators

  • Culinary arts, chefs (3)

  • Beauty workers (hair stylist, make-up, )

  • Small farmer (self sufficient), agricultural worker

  • Quality Control Technician

  • Driver (for now)

  • Food service (waiter, hostess,

  • Sex workers

  • Hotel front office (3)

  • Physical trainer

  • Technical troubleshooting/ repair/ modification of existing equipment (custom systems, old systems, valuable systems)

  • Creative (Individual) - arts + crafts … will need to be high end

  1. This excludes wealthy capitalists whose “skill” is their asset base.

  2. Few needed, the internet make the few greats dominate the many.

  3. Over time more automation/ factory-like work.

Changing Work


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