Listening Tour to Wisconsin

As I explore the SkillsGap problems and some great, positive initiatives across the US I want to make sure I am not looking at it ONLY through the lens of living and working in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In June I spend a week in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana -- attening the SkillsUSA National Competition in Louisville and visiting southern Indiana to speak with people at Cummins Inc. (where I worked for many years) and Columbus, IN, a city that has implemented some fantastic programs to help build pathways to decent jobs for local youth.

In October I'll take my second trip, this time to Wisconsin.  My goal is broader.  I am travelling with a friend on a "Listening Tour."  We are setting up a series of conversations with a cross section of folks.  Our goal is to Listen, Learn and Understand.  We want to broaden our perspectives.  After reading lots of books and articles about the future of work, the regional bubbles across the US, the isolated echo chambers that many of us have chosen for ourselves...we want to get out of California and meet real people and listen to their real stories and opinions.

Wish us luck.

We'll be sharing some of our impressions at our listening tour blog.

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